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Hi, I'm jaime!


I’m the founder of Free to Be and a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been working to help people live their best lives for 25 years. I have specialized in working with children and adolescents for the majority of my career and noticed consistent themes occurring with the teen girls I saw in my practice. Young women are getting caught, just as so many women before them, in the comparison game, feeling like they are not enough or don’t measure up and like they don’t belong. Through my own personal development work, I realized how wonderful it would be for girls to start working on themselves at a younger age rather than waiting till they were in their 30’s or 40’s. When girls are able to realize they can be themselves, they will be more confident to find their people, the ones who accept them for who they are. Free to Be is all about teaching girls how to love and accept themselves and to be strong in their voices. I believe that when we are accepting of ourselves, we are able to be more accepting of others which leads to making those meaningful connections we all need in our lives.

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Addie Becker

Girl squad leader

Addie is a sophomore at Colorado State University majoring in early childhood education. Her passion for helping others and her love for working with kids has lead her to many experiences working with children. Addie began babysitting in high school and has continued to nanny through college. Prior to Covid, Addie worked for Basecamp, an after-school program where she got to work with kids in an educational setting, solidifying her love for instructing and collaboration with 5-12 year old's. Addie is very much looking forward to helping Girl Squad expand by offering sessions after school and can’t wait to teach self-love, acceptance and being themselves in a positive, creative and fun environment.


Brooke Minkel

Girl squad leader

Brooke Minkel is a life-long learner and teacher at heart! She received her Teaching Licensure from the University of Northern Colorado and has taught everything from Preschool to 1st grade to Elementary Theater to Girl Scouts, all the way to Love and Logic Parenting classes. She's spent the last 13 years creating and instructing programming supporting Social- Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, including using meditation, music, yoga, art, science, theater, mindful movement, dance and many other modalities to increase self-esteem and self-awareness. She also started The Village Learning Center to bring valuable enrichment programs to the Homeschool community. Brooke has two amazing daughters-Kory, age 16 and Amaya, age 11, and lives with her family, including her husband Matt and 3 spunky kitties, in beautiful Fort Collins. The Free to Be Movement has been inspiring to her whole family and she is so excited to be a part of this Girl Squad to empower our youngest ladies to be their greatest selves! 

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