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Free to Be is on a mission to create experiences that invite self acceptance, self love and empowerment in girls.

The ultimate hang out spot for her

Change needs to happen at a young age

Often, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence gets mislabeled as a "phase" or parents think, "She will grow out of it, this is just how teen girls are." The reality is though, in many cases, it’s not a phase and she may carry these issues with her for the rest of her life. Our goal is to change this. We give young women the tools and support they need to change the statistics. Our programs address many of the obstacles young women face everyday including how to make and keep positive friendships, learning to accept and love your body, how to deal with and overcome bullying, stress management, self-care plus many more. We are here to help the girl in your life become Free to Be happy, confident and herself.

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